Business Coach for Women

Grow Beyond the Farm, Without Leaving the Farm

Create a thriving digital business and cultivate meaningful income using skills you already have.

Business Coach for Women

Grow Beyond the Farm, Without Leaving the Farm

Create a thriving digital business and cultivate meaningful income using skills you already have.

Imagine more. More

More time spent on your farm with family, doing what you love.

Midst of Motherhood offers one-on-one coaching services to provide clarity, community, and smart strategy so you can flourish online and live the life you want offline…without leaving your roots behind. Whether you’re a total beginner or an established business owner, I’m here to help you craft a roadmap for building a business that supports the lifestyle you desire – however, that looks for you!

Let’s make your goals and dreams a reality…

Which services do you need?

Kickstart Your Income

Power Hour

A 1:1 deep-dive into the details of digital business and ways to earn income online.

Plan Your Path

Strategy Session

A dedicated 90-minute call to chart a course for clarity, confidence, and growth.

Support + Accountability

Business Coaching

Mentorships for new or experienced business owners who are ready for results.

Business Beyond the Barn

Freelancing Guide

Learn the six simple steps to building a profitable online business! I’ll walk you through every part of the plan, from choosing services to booking your first client.

Explore the Possibilities

Power Hour

Ready to start earning additional money but need to know more? Get all of your questions answered in this one-on-one conversation on how to monetize the things that light you up. We can discuss anything from pricing to processes to booking your first freelance client – so you’re ready to start generating revenue.

Investment of $197

Design Your Goals

1:1 Strategy Session

No matter where you are in your journey, figuring out your next move can be daunting! Cut through the chaos and fast-track your next phase with a focused mentoring session. This 90-minute intensive is designed to turn your dreams and ideas into a detailed step-by-step outline for success.

Investment of $297

Cultivate Confidence

Business Coaching for Beginners

For those who want to build a strong foundation for lasting online income…without the overwhelm. During our time together, we’ll walk through setting up systems and processes, managing your mindset, and determining detailed action items that will help you turn your dreams into a reality.

Starting at $825/month
(available as a 3- or 6-month commitment)

Elevate Your Brand

Coaching for Established Business Owners

For those who have successfully launched an online business, but now you want more. Get the support, encouragement, and resources you need to reach your goals faster. Together, we’ll map out the path to increasing your income and achieving the next level in your business.

Starting at $825/month
(available as a 3- or 6-month commitment)

online business coach, Lexi, owner of Midst of Motherhood, typing on laptop working from home
lexi DeVries at desk working on online business

Hey there, I’m Lexi!

First-generation dairy farmer, mom of two, and work-from-homestead business coach for women.

Before we had kids, my husband and I spent every day side-by-side, working on our farm – and I loved it! When we had our daughter, I was lucky that she took amazing morning naps in the stroller while we worked around the farm. 

The afternoons were a different story, and I found myself "stuck" inside while she napped - something I wasn't used to after years of long days on the farm! 

As restful gave way to restless, I started searching for productive ways to fill my time. That’s when I discovered the world of freelancing – bringing in extra income for fun, financial freedom, and flexibility in the tough farming months – while still spending every day with my family and farm.

Fast forward a couple of years, add in another kid, and now I’m a certified online business manager and strategic growth coach, helping ag and rural women use their knowledge and skills to create income without compromising their vision and values.

laptop on desk with business owner strategizing business ideas for rural women

Turn Your Talents into Profit

52 Passive Income Ideas for Rural Women

From freelancing to online courses, there are dozens of ways to make money online. This list is packed with inspiration and ideas to get you started.

Building community and growth,
in the midst of motherhood.

what stacey had to say...

I now have some clarity to move forward!

Thank you, Lexi. This is really great!! Your input is super helpful, and I now have some clarity to move forward without overthinking things.

Still have more questions before booking a call?

Here are some of my clients’ most commonly asked questions!

Absolutely not! Midst of Motherhood is all about empowering rural moms to leverage their unique skills and talents and turn them into genuine online passive income, digital businesses, and freelance opportunities. There are no recruitment chains or hidden fees – just authentic guidance from a fellow farming wife and mom (that’s me!) who’s been where you are and wants to use my expertise to help you succeed.

Yep! Every rural mom has a wealth of experiences, skills, and perspectives that can help them earn money online. With the right guidance and tools – which I’m happy to share – you can flourish in the digital space.

Absolutely. The online world offers a plethora of opportunities for generating income. Whether you want to provide services to clients (aka freelancing), create digital products, or teach homesteading skills, there’s room for you! With strategy and dedication, many ag women just like you have become successful online entrepreneurs. (And, I’m here to guide you every step of the way!)

It all comes down to how much time you can dedicate to launching the next stage of your business. Clients who have their sights set on rapid results can achieve results in as little as three months, while those with more obligations on their plate may do better with a six-month plan of action.

Midst of Motherhood is designed for women at every stage of their online business journey. If you’re just starting out, I can help you identify your unique skills and build strong business foundations, ensuring you’re well-equipped to confidently launch your online business.

Absolutely not! While I have a special passion for helping rural moms and those in the farming community, I'm open to working with all women or moms who are eager to start or grow their businesses. My goal is to support and guide you, no matter your background or location. Everyone deserves the opportunity to grow the income and build the lives they’ve been dreaming of!

Fantastic! That means you’ve already taken significant steps toward reaching your goals. Midst of Motherhood isn’t just for beginners; it’s for any woman looking to grow, scale, and optimize her digital income! I can assist you in refining your strategies, expanding offerings, streamlining processes, and reaching a wider audience. We can work together to elevate your business, boost profits, and ensure you stay aligned with your core values as a rural mom.

Ready to start turning your passions and talents into income?

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